Stylecraft Malabar


Summer yarns aren’t as popular for us as you might think?  After 10 years in this business I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s several reasons for this.

  • Many summer garments are fashion rather than classic and this can be off putting to even the most dedicated knitter amongst us.
  • Lots of knitters are also gardeners, so they switch loyalty when the sun begins to make an appearance.
  • Summer yarns usually means double knit or 4ply traditionally = a lot more knitting.
  • Our summer isn’t too long, so the garment you’ve lovingly created doesn’t get worn much.  Fine if it’s a classic piece but refering back to the first point I made….

At last it would appear the big yarn companies have started to listen and this year we’re seeing a good few summer yarns in aran weight 🙂

I’ve had a play with some of the main releases and have decided to go with Malabar from Stylecraft so far.


As I’ve said, it’s an aran weight yarn, a blend of 22% silk/78% cotton, fantastic for €6.75 per ball.  There’s approximately 180yds/165m in each 100g ball and the suggested tension is 18 stitches x 24 rows to a4″/10cm square on 5mm needles.  Did I mention there’s 12 colours too?

Malabar 3

The good folks at Stylecraft Yarns have released lots of accompanying patterns, including the crochet shawl at the top of this post, which is likely to be a favourite of everybody’s because it’s just so pretty.  I’m quite smitten by the summer shrug/cardigan on the accessories pattern leaflet here in cream 

2015-03-26 14.49.17

Truthfully though, I’m thinking of knitting Mimic by Veronika Jobe for myself in Malabar when I’ve finished a couple of my ongoing projects.  In the mean time I’ve run up a little Yoked Cardigan by Hannah Fettig aka Knitbot as a mini display garment for the shop in the fabulous summery, turquoise shade.

Interesting fact for you all, turquoise is meant to be the one colour that we all look good in regardless of our skin tone, eye colour or age, it’s universal.

Happy Knitting!

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World Wide Knit In Public

2014-06-21 15.32.54
Lets begin with Sadie and Martina ….

We had a fab day at the shop last Saturday for World Wide Knit In Public.  Lots of lovely people came out to support us, as did the sun (yes!).

2014-06-21 15.32.57
Camera, what camera? Clare, Edwina and Sue all looking very productive.


If you couldn’t make it I hope you were with us in spirit at least?

2014-06-21 15.33.12
Sue and Michelle deep in concentration, with Lucy trying her best to hide behind her beautiful blanket.

I managed to capture the odd photo or two of some of our woolly friends despite their protestations and as you can see there was tea, cake and laughter.  What more do you need?

Michelle and Deidre doing a great job of ignoring me.
Michelle and Deidre doing a great job of ignoring me.

Maybe that should be what don’t you need?

Breeda and Orela proving it's never too hot to knit
Breeda and Orela proving it’s never too hot to knit

Possibly a friend wielding a camera?

Orela and Fiona are having fun.
Orela and Fiona are having fun – no really they are.

Worse still someone you’ve only recently met.

It was Agnieszka's first time so lets hope she'll return.
It was Agnieszka’s first time so lets hope she’ll return.

But, if it’s going to happen you might as well accept it ….

2014-06-21 15.33.30
Shirley looking the happiest to be photographed.

If not you can get them back later 😉

We should have started with Dina and Sadie, but I needed to lull my daughter into a sense of false security before attempting any form of photography  ;-)
We should have started with Dina and Sadie, but I needed to lull my daughter into a sense of false security before attempting any form of photography.  Caught her on the way back round instead.

We never need an excuse to break out the hooks and needles in public if the sun is shining, maybe we’ll see a few more of you next time?

Happy Knitting!