Quick, Pretty Knit


2014-06-06 10.09.22

I thought I’d quickly share this knit with you before I wrap it and send it off to it’s new owner.

You might have seen the photo of the blanket I started for our friends new baby in my last post.  The pattern is from  James C. Brett, number 173 and uses their Flutterby yarn which looks really pretty but (confession time) I’m not so fond of knitting with.

I’ve used Hayfield Baby Chunky and the blanket which is pram size only used 2 x 100g balls.  The garter stitch border adds definition and there are only 4 rows to the lace pattern which becomes very memorable after a few repeats.  This really was a quick knit and I can see it being a pattern I’ll use again and again, great for last minute knitting.

2014-06-06 10.09.44


The blanket dimensions are approximately 30″ x 20″

2014-06-06 10.20.56

Best of all the colour (406) is almost identical to the rosy pink I used in the Gidday  Baby Cardigan and the hat.  Lets hope the baby’s parents aren’t allergic to pink.

Happy Knitting!




Yippee! I Can Knit Baby Things

2014-05-23 17.08.22

One of our friends has recently had a little baby girl so my needles have been smoking a little with shades of pink and oatmeal.

True, I could have been sensible and just knitted up a few different garments in gender neutral shades and themes and been ahead of the game, but where’s the fun in that?

I’d spotted the Gidday baby cardigan by Tikkiknits on Ravelry a little while ago and have been looking for an excuse to knit it up.  You might remember I popped the link up on the shops Facebook page?  If you missed it you can find it here.

It’s a fantastic little double knit pattern and this free version has instructions for 2 sizes, newborn and 3 months.  If you’d like to make larger sizes the full pattern contains 15 sizes from newborn to 12 years and costs $6AUD or a little over €4, which is a bit of a bargain.  Find the full pattern here.

I love the way the yarn overs that make the increased stitches on the yoke add a little extra interest.  You can always increase your stitches with a M1 if you’d prefer not to have the little lacy holes in your garment.

2014-06-01 12.22.47

I’m rather pleased with the finished cardi, although when knitting it again I think I’ll knit an extra 2 rows of the garter stitch yoke in the main body colour in order to try and overcome the ‘jog’ that happens when knitting stripes.

2014-06-01 12.25.47
Look closely and you can see the jog at the bottom of the stripes on the border.

The little wooden flower buttons add that little bit of extra charm, buttons are so important, at least that’s what I keep telling myself to explain away the tins of them I’ve amassed 😉

2014-05-30 16.59.15

I used Sirdar Snuggly DK because I love the feel of the finished fabric, it’s machine washable and the range of colours is vast.  The cardigan used a little over one ball of the oatmeal (344)  and barely any of the rose pink (Lolly 420) so I thought I’d be proactive and try and use up a little more of the yarn rather than just pop it straight into my ever growing stash.

2014-06-01 12.24.57


The pattern I used for the hat is from Stylecraft Yarns number 8794 , but I still have yarn left.  Maybe some booties too?

Trouble is I’ve already started this for the baby (oops!)

2014-05-29 23.40.31

Happy Knitting!

2014-06-01 12.24.36


1 More Sleep

So Yarn Shop Day is very nearly upon us, 1 more sleep until the fun begins.

As promised here’s a little peek at some of the goodies on offer tomorrow on our market stall outside the shop.

They’ll be all of these books and more all down to €5 each with some going for as little as €3.

All of the packs of yarn on the stall will be €20 each, including the multi packs.

There will be other yarn in the special bins for €3 a ball and the day will be full of on the spot give-aways.  Not to mention the raffle and the competition to find the fastest Knit Happens stocking knitter.

I hope to see as many of you as possible.

Happy Knitting!

Yarn Shop Day – Saturday May 3rd

logolatest_Layout 1

It seems like I’ve been trying to write this post for weeks now what with computer and internet problems *sigh*


Yarn shop day (taking place on Saturday May 3rd) is all about you showing your love for local yarn shops.  It is also an important opportunity for bricks and mortar shops – such as ourselves – to remind our customers how valuable our personal experience and knowledge of all things wonderful and wooly really is.

Whilst the online yarn market is fantastic for those that cannot manage to get into a shop or can’t find something particular it is also unfortunately taking away from the tradition of local yarn shops.  There is nothing better than going into your local yarn shop and having a good squidge and play with the wool, as well as getting hands on help and advice.  Knitters and crocheters alike are an enthusiastic bunch and our shop has often played host to a number of excited discussions about new projects and ideas between strangers that have bonded over their love of the craft.

Yarn shops are fast becoming an endangered species and every week I will have someone come in and say how nice it is to have found a wool shop because they no longer have a local one.  A visit to the yarn shop was something I looked forward to as a child and even now I still get excited when I go to a new place and discover they have a yarn shop to explore.

logolatest_Layout 1

So in the spirit of all things woolly we are planning the following events, giveaways and special offers to celebrate Yarn Shop Day.

  • The first 15 customers to spend €25 or more receive a baby knits goody bag.
  • 11am – There will be a demonstration on how to use the amazing Clover Pom-Pom Makers.
  • 2-4pm – We are holding a competition to see who can knit a “Knit Happens” stocking the fastest.
  • There will be a woolly raffle with prizes including Knit Pro needles, Scrumptious Yarn and a variety of books.  (Details of the raffle will be posted here and on Facebook in the coming days.)
  • A free Sparklemouse pattern will be sent to your via e-mail when you spend €5 or more.
  • Clearance packs of yarn and books will be available to buy throughout the day on our market stall outside at less than even Stash Dash Prices.

Throughout the week we will try (I stress the word try) to pop up photos of some of the items that will be  putting on the market stall and using as raffle prizes.


Woolly Clearance

knit banner

The time has come to accept that my addiction for all things woolly might be getting a little out of hand.  I know, I know, most of you had probably already spotted it some time ago now and for those of you that know me, you’ll know it’s not going to stop any time soon.

Facing the facts, I need to make space before I disappear into one of the stock rooms and never return -“suffocation from yarn, there are worse ways to go”.

After discussing it with friends, family and anyone who’ll listen, I’ve decided to give in and try an ecommerce site.  My lovely customers have been asking me to do this for years now and I’m concerned they’ll think it’s so much more than it is (apologies in advance).

It is a clearance shop, with clearance prices.  The yarn will only be sold in packs of 10 balls and you can buy as many packs as you want at the much reduced prices.

I intend to work my way steadily through the boxes of Stash Dash yarn one at a time and will therefore be popping up new products on a weekly basis (I’m aiming for Tuesdays).  The yarn will be from all the companies we stock and will include acrylics, wool, cotton, blends, etc, though once it’s gone it’s gone.

Postage here is still extremely expensive, with An Post the cheapest at this stage.

They’re prices are  – €6.50 for 500g/1kg or €7.50 for 1.5kg/2kg

You can of course purchase your packs of yarn on the website and collect them from the shop, but I’d ask you to contact me to ensure I have it waiting for you at the shop for collection.

We’ll see how it works, maybe it will go so smoothly that I can be persuaded to look at running with a proper online shop at some stage.

For now this is where you’ll find us Online Clearance Shop

Please be patient with us, hopefully there won’t be too many teething problems 🙂

Happy Knitting!


More That’s New

As you’ve probably noticed from the last 3 posts there’s been rather a lot of new stock arriving in the shop of late and there’s at least one more new yarn still to come.

This time I wanted to let you have a quick look at the new shades in some of our favourite standard yarns.  The ones we’ll always have.

With no further delay, lets launch straight in with 3 new colours of Sirdar Snuggly DK (there is a 4th but it kind of looks grubby)

Snuggly dk


2 really pretty colours in Sirdar Snuggly 4ply and although rather feminine I do think the Custard would look lovely in combination with blues in a stripy baby cardi.

Snuggly 4ply


4 new shades have also been added to the Sirdar Baby Crofter range.  2 brights and 2 a little more subtle the 1st is definitely my favourite this time.

Baby crofter



We’ve also taken delivery of new shades in Bonus Dk, Aran and Supersoft Aran and as with all new seasons from Sirdar they have released a wad of beautiful, new designs to compliment the new shades.

Here’s just a few for you to cast your eyes over.

Baby crofter patterns
Baby Crofter designs now also showing the yarn being used for older children’s garments


snuggly patterns
Just a few of the new Sirdar Snuggly DK patterns


Crochet patterns
The suppliers are finally starting to listen, some of the new crochet patterns that have been released.


Lastly (for now), I wanted to give you a quick look at our lovely woolly sheep cards, that I’ve managed to locate after spotting them a good few years back.  Ideal for the woolly enthusiasts amongst us.

Just some of the designs


Happy Knitting!

Sirdar Bonus Buzz


Sirdar Bonus Buzz DK is a bright, cheerful, multi-coloured yarn, with each shade having up to 6 colours in it.  Machine washable, great value and incredibly colourful, making it the perfect yarn for children. It’s great for making fun accessories, such as hats, mitts and scarves.

As it’s part of Sirdar’s Bonus range there are no specific patterns for it (yet), but it is a true double knit, so will knit to any double knit pattern.

Each 100g ball of 100% acrylic contains 280metres/306yards so it will go a long way and costs €3.99.  Knit to a tension of 22 stitches by 28 rows to 4 inches / 10cm square on 4mm needles
Buzz shades
I think both of these garments would look great knitted in Buzz Dk, each of the patterns are free to download, just click on the links.
If by chance anyone’s interested?  It would also make great stockings for the Knit Happens Campaign (I’m just saying)
Happy Knitting!

Sirdar Cotton Dk


Sirdar have listened to our requests and developed a beautiful, mercerised cotton double knit yarn.  Available in 18 jewel shades it certainly draws you in with the eye.


Sirdar Cotton Dk is ideal for both knitting and crochet projects and if you’re stuck for inspiration you should have a look on the Sirdar website at the 18 new designs they’ve created specifically for this yarn.  Of course, it goes without saying that as Cotton Dk is a standard double knit yarn, it can easily be used as a substitute in most dk patterns.  However, as always be sure to consider the drape and design of the yarn the pattern was originally written for.

The yarn is made using mercerised cotton to create a subtle sheen and incredible stitch definition so it’s the perfect yarn for lace knitting, cables and crochet work.

Each 100g ball contains 232 yards/ 212 metres of 100% cotton and knits to a tension of 22 stitches by 28 rows on 4mm needles to 4″/10cm square and costs €6.65.

These are 4 of my favourite designs.


otton 2

I hope Sirdar’s Cotton Dk will end up becoming one of the companies standard yarns and who knows it might even push them to consider releasing it as a 4ply too.

Happy Knitting!

Sirdar Peekaboo


Snuggly Peekaboo DK is a gorgeously soft baby yarn that comes in softly printed, dappled colours that look extra cosy for girls and boys from Sirdar.  It is in the same designs wonderfully soft blend as Snuggly DK – 55% nylon and 45% acrylic.

Each 50g ball contains 179yds/165m and knits to a tension of 22 stitches to 28 rows on 4mm for a 4″/10cm square and costs €4.45.

peekaboo colours

There are 6 beautiful shades that are reminiscent of the original, paler colours that Sirdar Baby Crofter came in when it was first released.



As is the norm with Sirdar they have created several beautiful designs to compliment the yarn although any standard double knitting pattern should work equally well.
Happy Knitting!

Guess What? It’s Stash Dash Time

stash dash pic

For those of you that have been before you’ll know what it’s all about, the rest of you would probably best to read this previous post here http://knitmidleton.com/2012/07/23/everybody-keeps-asking-me/

Basically, we cover up all the shelves and lay out as many tables as we can fit into the shop; on top of these we put all the yarn we’re discontinuing.  There could be whole ranges of yarn, shades of yarn and some you might not have seen before.  There will be odd balls, several balls and packs of balls, no matter what, all balls are €3 each.  (All sales are final, no returns)

There are things to consider: you have to book your slot if you’re coming in before 1pm.  You only have 20 minutes (you’re timed), you have to prepare, dig out the patterns, check your favourites on Ravelry, make sure you know how much double knit/aran/chunky you need.  There is nothing else available to purchase on the day and there isn’t usually the time to help you calculate yarn amounts, suitability, etc.  You get the most out of the day if you’ve already worked out what you’re looking for.

Have a look at the post linked above if you’re not sure and make sure you book your place for the morning if you want one, quickly before they all go.

This is what you should be expecting.


Happy Knitting!