The Knitted Ends of 2016


My home, like many others at the moment, is full of sick people – yuck!  I myself am currently trying to get over a cold, the second virus in four weeks.  Touch wood, there is no infection anywhere, so I’m assuming my immune system is just having a spot of trouble fighting it off, on account of it being suppressed by my RA medication.  You can’t take your injections when your ill, so I’ve missed three so far, which isn’t helping with the underlying condition, but it could be a lot worse – at least I’ve still been able to knit, while I’ve been awake that is ♥

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When Knitting Gets Messy

OK, I have a small confession to make……..

My knitting is running away on me, to be more precise it’s the amount of projects that is getting out of hand.

I did manage to finish the Rico Fashion Summer Print top that I was knitting for Dina.

Dina reluctantly modelling the new top

Then there’s the Abbi Jumper that I’ve finished today, it still needs the ends sewing in and blocking.

Abbi Jumper

Not too bad so far but there’s also my Game of Thrones, Winter is Coming shawlette that I haven’t had time to get on with.

Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones

Ahem…. and the little chunky Grandads cardigan that I started today for the shop.

Hayfield Baby Chunky Knit
Hayfield Baby Chunky Knit


There is also the Moody Blanket but it wouldn’t be fair to include it as I only have to complete 2 rows a day as planned.

My intention this weekend I think you’ll agree should be to concentrate on getting some of my projects completed.  We’ll just choose to glaze over the cardigan and waistcoat still waiting to be sewn up since last year.  There might also be a scarf lurking somewhere that I’ve started for one of my friends and there’s the jacket that I’ve knitted the back and the sleeve of, etc, etc, etc.  If that wasn’t bad enough I’ve deliberately hidden the two hanks of lovely Lornas Laces yarn that arrived for their Ravelry KAL and then there’s the  Poolside jumper pattern on Ravelry  that I’ve been lusting over since I discovered it this week.

I don’t know about you, but I think I might need some serious, outside help?

Happy Knitting!