Stripey or Stripy? Crochet Cushion

Apparently it can be either and Dina my word buff isn’t here to advise.

You might have seen a photo of the stripey crochet cushion I’d been working on in Stylecraft Lullaby yarn in my previous post?  I’d already knitted some baby booties with the yarn when it first came into the shop but hadn’t gotten around to crocheting with it and as it’s being cleared now, there was some urgency.

When I first saw the yarn the colours reminded me of the palette used in a lot of the Cath Kidson products and instantly brought to mind stripes, so after much picking and choosing I opted to use 11 shades for my cushion(s).

2014-10-05 09.22.19
Top row – Winter White, Primrose, Rosebud, Opal &nDeep Blue Bottom row – Candy, Cloud, Spearmint, Berry & Ivory On top – Sand

My crochet is not the best, give me any kind of knitting and even if I haven’t worked the stitch before I’ll figure it out, but I can’t say the same for crochet.  Yes I can work out how to make the stitches, but counting the ones I’ve already worked is something I just can’t get the hang of.

2014-10-08 16.32.36
See it’s wonky
Wonkier still
Wonkier still

Using a 4mm hook I made 54 chain stitches and then 2 more for turning to count as 1 dc.  In the top photo I changed my colours after the first four rows and then every 2 rows until I reached the last 4 rows which I worked in one colour again.  (The photo should actually be the other way round as I started with the red and finished with the lemon.)

Anyway, there are 60 rows because I wanted it to fit very snuggly around the 16″ cushion I bought, which is now a rather plump 15″.

For the second side I changed the colours every 4 rows.

After weaving in my ends it became obvious how little attention I’d paid to my stitches, particularly on the second side (embarrassed).

Undeterred and because time is in short supply round here,  I joined 3 of the sides using double crochet with the right sides facing out.  I then squished the cushion inside and holding the remaining edges together with pins I continued to crochet round, cutting and sewing in the ends when they met.

Oops! Nearly forgot to say that I crocheted an extra chain at the corners so the stitches didn’t pull too much.

2014-10-08 18.44.39
Not sure it’s too obvious how wonky it was to begin with now.
2014-10-08 18.44.03
Would have preferred it if I had managed to find a cream cushion though.

Not too bad for a couple of evenings work and as you might expect, I have quite a lot of the yarn left so I can make another one to match.  Wonky edges and all.

Sitting happily on The Green Bin :-)
Sitting happily on The Green Bin 🙂

Happy Knitting! maybe that should be happier knitting?

Hello World!

OK.  Well it’s safe to say I’m not the most organised of people. Actually that could be the first of many understatements, as organised chaos is about as good as it gets for me.  That’s why I’ve put off writing a blog for the shop for so long, I’m sure I’ll get distracted, or I’ll forget or worse still my terrible grammar and umpteen spelling mistakes will be revealed.  Also I suppose I’ve been a little bit of a coward.  The internet can be such a positive place but it can be a bloody awful one too, with people knowingly or not ripping others to pieces and at times, forgetting that there is another person at the end of their post, blog, Facebook update.

Trying to put these concerns as far in the back of my mind as possible it is with trepidation that I’m going to write my first post –

Why a blog then?

Lots of reasons, we have a Facebook page which is a great way of interacting but there’s only so much you can do before you begin to jam up people’s feed.  I hope to use the blog as a way of letting you know what we’re up to in the shop: the ongoing charity events that we’re participating in, what we’re stocking, what we’re hoping to stock and what we’re clearing.  I’m hoping to eventually do a book/magazine/pattern review section, where I let you in on my knitting porn addiction – I know many of you have the same vice.  Anything that’s new in the world of knitting and crochet (although my crochet skills are poor and that’s stretching it some).  I also intend to upload my own designs, most of which will be quite basic as I hardly ever have the time to dedicate to this love, despite walking around with a head full of ideas.  At present any designs I’ve created have only been available in the shop, so it’ll be handy to have them here in the one place.  Lastly, there could also be the odd bit of cooking and/or baking thrown in.  I try to bake for the knitting group every week and apart from my ever expanding library of knitting books there is an equally growing collection of cookery books.

Beginning with the shop.  It’s called Knit.  I couldn’t believe my luck when I discovered that there wasn’t another business with the name in Ireland.  It explains the shop beautifully, although we have had the odd customer that expected something else?????

We sell yarn obviously and whilst I’d love to be able to say our premises is full to bursting with premium, designer yarns from around the globe,  all hand dyed, 100% natural fibers at give away prices – I can’t.  There are so many yarns I love but the reality is that most of us are no longer able to afford them, so I concentrate on sourcing the best yarns I can, whilst keeping in mind the price point.  That doesn’t mean we only stock 100% acrylic, but it does mean I spend a lot of time shopping around.

In fairness to the bigger, more well known companies, they’ve realised that there is a revival in natural fibers and they’re really trying to bring good quality yarns to the knitting masses.  The larger companies also have the money to invest in pattern design, but they can lack in inventiveness, which is where the independent designers come in.

One thing you will find is that I’m unlikely to stock anything I don’t really like, I’ve tried in the past and it doesn’t work for me. I find I can’t help giving the game away.  If I’ve bought something because it looked nice and I’ve got round to knitting up a sample and discovered it’s awful to use it tends to go in one of the clearance baskets

At the moment we stock yarns from Sirdar, Wendy, Rico, Twilleys, King Cole, Opal, Trekking, Sublime and Schoeller & Stahl.  There is pattern support to go with all of our yarns in the form of single sheet designs, collections and books.  If I find a design I particularly like I will try and ensure I have it in.  As I love all things Elizabeth Zimmerman we keep a few of her more well known designs although I’m hoping to eventually convince as many knitters as I can to embrace ‘uninventing’.

We stock needles, hooks and accessories from Knitpro, Pony and some from Clover.  We also have most of the other things you’d expect: buttons, sewing thread and accessories,  zips, bag handles, the list is endless.

I will leave it at this as I’m conscious i could start to waffle on a little…