Good Intentions


It’s been 17 days since I last wrote a blog post, which is blooming terrible, especially as I’ve actually made a rough plan for the next few too.  How do I know it’s been 17 days exactly?  Well the last one was on New Years Eve (seems like ages ago now) and because I’m currently keeping track of some of the things I do regularly, in order to see the places areas of my life than ‘need work’.  More about that in a minute.

Did you think about a One Little word for your 2016?

Despite my concerns about ‘putting it out there’, several friends have mentioned how positive they found my last post.  How it made them think about their 2016 and have picked words too, including CONFIDENCE, RESTORE, STRONG and HAPPY.  Each word definitely reflects the individual that chose it and I can’t wait to see how it impacts their year ahead.

I’ve been busy test knitting a garment for the next issue of the magazine, due for release on the 26th January – eek!  Deirdre and I have also been swatching samples for the Yarn Review feature, but I’ve spent the best part of the last fortnight stuck in front of my pc or unpacking and sorting out craft supplies, in order to begin scrapbooking my One Little Word.


Nearly forgot to mention that I made Deirdre a hat.  It’s the Orbitus Hat by and I love it.  Hopefully she does too 🙂

2016-01-11 11.54

This pile of ends is also an indication of things completed…

2016-01-11 09.11

I’m happy to report that I’ve finished the granny square blanket I had been making for my youngest, Kye.

2016-01-11 09.12.34002

He was thoroughly chuffed when I told him it was for him and he loves it.  I might add another couple of rounds to it some time in the future, but for now I think the 75″ square is the perfect size for that extra bit of warmth.  Much needed at this time of year, especially if you live in an old farmhouse that seems to eat the heat.

Talking of cold, it really has been rather chilly of late.  I finally gave in on Thursday and broke out the thermals, unable to take the sensation of numb legs anymore.  It’s lovely to get out for a walk in the Winter sun, but I’m finding no amount of layers are keeping my hands or ears (?) warm.


Today the sun hasn’t even been able to poke it’s way through the grey overcast cloudy sky, but I’m happy to see the fog lifted after last night.  It was so thick that I found driving home in it close to terrifying and I would never think of myself as a nervous driver.  I took my dogs out for a walk on the farm at 10pm last night, because I hadn’t had time earlier in the day and I couldn’t even see two fence posts ahead along the track with my torch.


We’re in full ‘getting ready to publish mode’ and we keep getting messages from people telling us they can’t wait for the next issue.  It’s easy when you’re so busy to forget to look after yourself and I’m extremely guilty of doing this, part of my hopes for the year ahead was to try and stem the chaos a little and have faith in myself.  Putting this plan into action late again as per usual (but better late than never), I’ve started to keep a track of some of my daily routines and habits so I can see where I’m falling down.


The table is basic a diary of sorts, there’s plenty of lines to fill in the things you want to monitor and the boxes on the right represents the days of the month.  By checking or colouring in the boxes for the things you’ve achieved that day, you can see at a glance what’s happening.  I only really started it on the 9th of this month, but it was easy to back fill some of the boxes.

For me personally, I’m trying to establish a ‘baseline’ in some areas of my life, so I can work on them in the coming months.  In no particular order I’ve tried to include things that I like doing, things that need doing, social media is there to ensure I remember, things I have to watch and things I’m aiming for.

Knitting & crochet is there at the top as this is my sanity, meditation and mindfulness time all wrapped up in one.  A day without even a little time spent with my needles or hook can be too long for my head.  As you can see, I haven’t spun or wove since the beginning of the year.  I have worked on other crafty pursuits which is great, but I desperately want to try and make spinning and or weaving part of my daily routine, in order to improve my technique.  I also find I totally switch off whilst doing either, which equals a happy head too.

The next section is all dedicated to the magazine, Leftfootdaisy stuff, social media and blog posts, which is why I know it’s been 17 days and having the chart hanging next to my desk has been a constant reminder.

The next group of items are areas that I want to or should be watching.  Walk the dogs, is so I do just that, it would be rare that I wouldn’t and if I couldn’t someone else would.  Keeping tabs on it, just gives me that little extra nudge to do it myself.  Washing (clothes not myself) is listed because it seems like my washing pile is never ending and I’m hoping that by seeing ‘washing free days’ it will help me to realise this just isn’t the case.

I’ve added ‘eat’ and ‘pain’ and have included a traffic light system for keeping check because these are two areas in my life that are a interconnected, a bit of a priority and in need of work.  I’m planning to use this months results to make changes in the coming months.  (more about in another post)

The next few entries refer to actually getting in the car and leaving my house, it’s rural so you have to drive and although I’ll invariably have gotten out to walk the dogs it’s not really the same.  Looking back at the last post, in which I mentioned trying to create some more ‘joy’ in my life, I thought it would be good to note how often I see my friends, even if it’s for the briefest moment.

Bed before 12 – the X’s are because I haven’t achieved it.  It doesn’t even mean bed and sleep, I’m just working on trying to train myself to actually go upstairs to bed before 12.


Last item for this month says ‘read or listened to’, because I always enjoyed reading a book and can’t remember the last one I actually completely read.  I started listening to audio books about a year ago as a way to fill this need, but even that has begun to fall by the wayside now I’m not driving backwards and forwards to Midleton several times a week.

I’m currently listening to The Way of the Kings by Brandon Sanderson, all 76 chapters, 0r 45 hours and 34 minutes of it.  I’ve a little over 33 hours left, but am getting a little confused with the names of the characters.


I’m trying to read Greg McKeown’s book Essentialism, The Disciplined Pursuit of Less, but I haven’t managed to get that much read.  The basic principle of the book is doing less, but better, which kind of ties in with some of the things I’m trying to fix.

I’ve made my ‘Daily Habit’ chart available to download as a pdf if you’d like to try keeping a check on your daily routines here.

2016-01-15 09.35

For now I’m dreaming of knitting this yarn up into an Orbitus Hat for myself and working on my first prompt of the Ali Edwards One Little Word workshop. and thinking about my word FAITH.

accept what is let go of what was and have faith in what will be

Doesn’t she and the view look lovely?

Look a little closer and you can see it’s ice in the tyre tracks because it was freezing and bless her, she was sitting because she was tired (she only has 3 legs).

Happy 🙂

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Something New For 2016

Happy New Year!Are you a New Year Resolution kind of person?

As I’ve mentioned in the past, I’m not really into the whole thing, purely because I’m not so good at sticking to things.  If we’re being honest, I’m really one of those people that stumbles through life, I’m not a planner, in fact the only thing I’ve ever planned (truthfully), were 2 of my three children.  You’ll guess wrong, promise.  My happy and much loved surprise is never the one people assume it must be.

Anyway, if we look back to last year the only goal I actually set myself was to knit more socks, preferably a pair every 2 months (think I managed, but will have to check), but as 2016 approaches I think it’s time for a change.  Not least because 2015 has actually been a year of great change for me  The decisions I made, none of which I really planned of course, we’re made to try and improve my life and let in more joy.  Joy is important, everyone needs to have joy in their day, somewhere.  No matter how dark life gets, finding the joy is probably what keeps us going when things get tough.

So without even realising what I’ve been doing, I can see now that I’ve been taking more time to reflect over my life of late.  Where I am, what I’ve achieved, what I’ve yet to do and I’ve come to the realisation that things are a bit chaotic.  They always have been and I’m not sure it’s going to really change, but I think it might be worth a try.  So I started to think about how to make changes and a New Year is as good a time as any to begin.  Still, I wasn’t completely sold on the idea of a list of New Years Resolutions.  Then I heard about One Little Word and liking it, but being too busy to look into it properly, I filled it away in the recesses of my brain, never to be found again.  Until the other day when I was listening to the Elise Gets Crafty Podcast episode 79, in which Elise talks to Ali Edwards about her One Little Word Workshop and I really began to think about it again.

The idea is that instead of setting yourself a list of goals in the form of New Years Resolutions you pick a word, just one, with which you’re going to try and keep your focus on throughout the coming year.  There’s a great video on Ali’s website abut choosing your word and if you listen to the podcast Ali and Elise talk about what their words were for 2015, what they meant to them and how there words for 2016 differ.

It’s an old photo, sorry

Ali’s course is a scrapbooking one and yes I use to scrapbook and have kept all of my supplies hoping to return to it one day – eventually.  Truth is, I haven’t scrapbooked for over 4 years and I think I’ve only printed out photos once  year since then.  So I wasn’t convinced it was really for me, but the idea of this one word thing wouldn’t let me go, especially as the word I’d though of is really quite a strange one for me.

I forget things easily and then get fed up with myself for doing so.  I was full sure I’d remember so much more about my kids growing up than I do and I always tell friends that have babies to get a notebook and write things down.  All the silly stuff you think you’ll remember, the crazy things they say, the daft things they do, those are so more important than the big things at the end of the day

So I’m going to do it.

I’ve bought the workshop at the early bird price of $26 (normal price is $31) and I’m looking forward to trying something new.  Having one word to focus on throughout the coming year, will I hope, help me to focus a little more on the things that are important.

So what word have I chosen?  Or rather what word chose me?  It’s not a word that would usually be a part of my vocabulary.  So I’ve tried really hard to ‘like’ other words with a similar definition, but they’re not sitting comfortably with me and this one just won’t let me go.



My One Little Word is Faith and the reason for my astonishment is that I would usually associate Faith with religion and I’m not religious.  Like I say, I’ve tried other words like strength, trust and believe but I’ve come to accept that it has to be Faith.


The definition of faith seen here at number 1 is how I hope to live in 2016.  I want to have Faith in myself to do what’s right for me in all the areas of my life including my family, my home, my career, my health and well-being.

I’m actually looking forward to trying to keep my One Little Word at the forefront of my decisions and have signed up to the closed Facebook Group that you can become a member of if you take the workshop.

I hope you’ll follow me in my pursuits throughout the year and maybe even join me?

Have Faith and believein Yourself

If the One Little Word thing isn’t really for you, I’ve some other ideas too that I’ll write about over the next couple of days.

In the meantime here’s my midnight kiss X and I want to wish you all you wish yourself in 2016.

Happy New Year!

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