Everybody Keeps Asking Me –

Since we had our Stash Dash Day soooooo many people have expressed their dismay at missing it, or not being able to attend.  I thought I’d been fairly proactive with the advertising and had done my very best to let everyone know, but like anything new it takes a while for these things to filter through.

So just to keep you up-to-date………

The Stash Dash Days will take place twice a year: one event in March and one in September

That means that about in about 4-6 weeks, after we’ve moved into our new premises, the second Stash Day of 2012 will take place.  It will probably be on a Tuesday or Wednesday and we will be sticking to the ‘book your place’ method, although I think the time you have to shop will be increased to 20 minutes rather than 15 minutes.

How to Prepare

Most people got the hang of what we were suggesting before, but for those of you that were a little unsure here’s a little more help:-

Project Notebook

You can see from my notes the patterns that I have in my ‘to do list’. Next to each I’ve written the approximate amount of yarn I’m going to need to complete the project and the weight of yarn I need.  If I’m yarn shopping when I’m away (madness I know) I always have a rough idea of my go-to projects. I love knitting hats and baby garments although sometimes seeing what you can knit out of one ball/hank of yarn can be fun and it’s much easier with Ravelry.

The best bit of advice I can give any knitter buying yarn for a project, particularly if it’s in a sale, is to buy at least one ball extra.  If you don’t end up using using it in the garment you can always use it to make a tiny item, like a baby hat, and if you’re super organised you could knit a square(s) using your remaining yarn.  Collect these squares up and sew them together to make cushion covers or a blanket – great for those pesky tension squares too.

Get planning now while you have the time. The Stash Dash Days will become relatively seasonal with the lighter more summery yarns being cleared in September and the warmer ones in March.  However, there are bound to be exceptions when I decide to clear a range or two based on yarns I’ve ordered for the coming season.

As you can see from my notebook the In Leaf Cardigan is up there on the top of my list, I’m sure you’ll agree it’s lovely.

In Leaf Cardigan from Knitty.com

Happy Knitting!