Pretty For Summer

special new

Knitting and crochet were for many years seen as seasonal hobbies, often traded in for gardening during the warmer months.  Fortunately, for us yarn shop owners, this isn’t so much the case any more and there are lots of us out there who see the summer months as a great excuse to sit down with friends on the beech, or by ourselves taking in those Vitamin D producing sun rays with our latest projects.

Copious photographs in previous posts and on Instagram will go to prove that I will knit just about anywhere, having been known to pull my needles out at music festivals, steam rallies, Ardmore Beach and on tour buses to name but a few.  Regardless of the time of year I’ll knit.

File 28-05-2015 16 29 18
On the back of the trike on our way to Blarney. I can successfully knit if I hold my knitting low down behind my hubby – even at 120kmph 😉


As my ever suffering hubby and children will confirm, Love me, love my knitting.

I would have to confess though, that when selecting a yarn to knit with, cotton wouldn’t usually be my first choice as I tend to find it tough going on my hands, particularly if it’s mercerised.

Mercerisation (if you’re interested?) is where the yarn is given a Sodium Hydroxide bath that is neutralized in acid.  The process  increase the strength of the yarn and is what gives mercerised cotton it’s familiar lustre too.  It’s also said to make the yarn adsorb dye better, which is how such bright colours come to be achieved by the spinning mills and as a ‘by the way’, it results in a yarn that is mildew resistant too.

If I was to opt for cotton and i occasionally do,  I’m much more likely to reach for a ‘raw’ cotton (un-mercerized), something very like Classique Cotton from Stylecraft Yarns, which is super soft and comes in a range of beautiful colours and costs €5.95 per ball.  Each 100g contains 184 metres/201 yards of 100% cotton and knits as a true double knit on 4mm needles, with a tension of 22 stitches to 28 rows over a 10cm/4″ square.


I’ve chosen 15 colours from the range to begin with including (from left to right)

Plum, Poppy, Hot Pink, Shell Pink and Shrimp.


 Seville, Sunflower, Leaf, Soft Lime and Azure.

classique 3

Greek Blue, Lavender, Wisteria, White and Ivory.

Classique Cotton has been a Stylecraft Yarn staple for some time now, so as you might expect there are a good range of patterns available in knitting and crochet, for adults, children, accessories and home wares.

Some of my favourites include.

classique 5Pattern 8745 is a classic round neck, knitted jumper with a deep rib and the added detail of a cable running up the length of the arm.

Classique 6

Pattern 9133 is a t-shirt style knit with decorative eyelet stripes in sizes 32/34″ to 40/42″.

classique 9134Pattern 9134 is a girls round neck cardigan with a pretty lace detail for sizes 2 – 11 years.

classique 7Pattern 8849 is for crochet mats and storage pot covers.  personally I’d love to decorate a wall in my house with some of the mats fixed to it as they’d add a good splash of colour.

classique 8Lastly, what’s not to love about the spotted crochet tea cozy, complete with a pretty posy of flowers on top from pattern 8853?  The pattern also has instructions for the mug cozy too 🙂

 If you enter Classique Cotton into the yarn search bar on Ravelry, you’ll notice the yarn has been used for over 470 projects including everything from dishcloths and bunting to jumpers and blankets.

I imagine by now, there’s every chance you’re wondering what the photograph at the top of the post is all about?  It’s actually the widely anticipated three new shades released by Stylecraft in the Special DK range.  The new shades are (from left to right).

special new

Storm Blue, Parma Violet and Sage.

Happy Knitting!

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There Off and Where You Can Find Them


I’m happy, no throwing cartwheel ecstatic, to report that we’ve done it!

We’ve managed to collect our target 5000 stockings for the Knit Happens Campaign and more 🙂

The stockings have been checked, counted, bagged up into 50’s, (checked twice) and sent out in counter top boxes to the lovely East Cork Rapid Response people to distribute for sale around the East Cork area.

So far you should hopefully be able to find them at the following outlets.

Castlemartyr Resort

Garryvoe Stores

Ladysbridge Post Office

Greengrocer Castlemartyr

Castle Holistic Clinic Castlemartyr

Pobail Scoil na Trionaide Youghal

Cobh Leisure Centre

East Ferry Rowing Club

Robinson Tyres Midleton

Ballymacoda Post Office

Crowleys Youghal

O’sullivans Gortroe

Brodericks Garage Shanagarry

Sammy Revins Butchers Youghal

Read n Write Youghal

Sean Twomey Butcher Youghal

Crees Card Shop Youghal

Castlemartyr Florist

Centra Cloyne

Cloyne Post Office

Youghal Library

Wallis Bar Midleton

Midleton Park Hotel

Results Fitness Midleton

Dr. Morehan Killeagh

Colemans Newsagent Killeagh

Arcade Midleton

McCarthys News Midleton

Well n Good Midleton

4home Midleton

Costcutters Carrigtohill

Dr Dorans Surgery

Centra Carrigtohill

Bramley Lodge

Garveys Supervalu Cobh

Murphys Centra Cobh

Keatings Londis Newtown Cobh

Rosies Aghada

Days Whitegate

Nutrition Club Midleton

Ladysbridge Market

Old Thatch Killeagh

Community Radio Youghal

Big, big, big thanks to everyone involved so far.

We’re still in need of more outlets and would love to hear from any in the East Cork Area that would be happy to sell a few stockings to help raise funds for the East Cork Rapid Response.  If you see the boxes in any of the places mentioned, please take a photo and share it on the Knit Happens Facebook Page so we can give a little nod to all of those supporting the campaign.

In the meantime…..

Happy Knitting!

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Introducing The Big Green Bin

Many of you have enquired as to when Stash Dash will be taking place so you can stock up on woolly bargains in time for Christmas gift knitting.  Sadly, as a result of many things including the refurb, Food Festival, Yarndale and family issues it is not going to be possible to organise the event properly.  So I’ve been wracking my brains for a way to clear the yarns we’ve been putting by, but to still give it a bit of a buzz and ensure you all get a good bargain.  Cue The Big Green Bin.

Before you meet I feel it only right and proper to give you a brief history on The Big Green Bin.

The bin has been with me for a little less than 24 years. I bought it, along with it’s twin, to use to store my then baby’s toys. Since it was first purchased it has been rather well travelled and used and ended up at my dad’s for quite a long time, because it kept things safe from the mice that attacked everything in his Lock Keeper’s Cottage.

When my dad died it came back to me and since then it has again been keeping things safe from the mice, moths and damp, this time in one of our outdoor storerooms.  I’ve been using the bin to store…… yarn, no surprises there I guess.

2014-10-04 16.10.46

The bin, as you will see in the shop, is not your ordinary refuse type of bin you can buy now, oh no.  It’s extra sturdy, smooth and really rather cool (as bins go).  Being 24 years old it’s stood the test of time rather well and I’m unsure you’d be able to tell its age just by looking at it.  Talking of 24 year olds, something, or should that be someone, else that’s 24 is Dina, who I rather bullied into this for me.

2014-10-04 16.22.33-1
Isn’t she lovely? Bless her she had a stinking cold too.  In case any of you are wondering yes, that is the scarf I made her a while back and even more exciting, she’s wearing a pencil skirt her brother made her.  Yey!
2014-10-04 16.24.44-1
Me thinks she’s slightly sad about being put in the bin 😉

Anyway, I digress (something I do far too much).

The plan is to use The Big Green Bin to clear yarn, but and it’s a big but, the clearance yarn will only be available at the much reduced price for 1 week. Some will even be less than our usual Stash Dash price of €3 per ball.  That means you have to grab it while you can, come in, send someone in or get it sent by mail order.  However, you do it, if the yarn is something you want act quickly.

2014-10-04 16.45.39

Our first yarn to go into the bin and be available until we close on Saturday 11th October is…….

Stylecraft Lullaby for €2 per ball.

I wrote a post about the yarn including all the necessary information and photos of the shades last year and you can find it here.  To be honest I’m only having to clear it because we just don’t have the space since the refurbishment and I had to choose which yarns to let go.

2014-10-05 00.35.00

I’ve been having a bit of a play with it over the weekend and have been using it to crochet up a cushion cover for the shop. There’s still a bit to do, but I’m finding Lullaby lovely to work with and the colours seem to lend themselves well to being striped.

Happy Knitting and/or Crocheting!