2014 & One Day

Hello 2015

Why 2014 & one day?  Several reasons really.

1)  It was a bloody awful start to 2015 here.  It was blowing up a gale and raining and the sun was obviously nursing a post New Years Eve hangover and didn’t seem to show her face all day.  Unlike today which is a much prettier and heart warming (so far).  Don’t get me wrong, the sun’s not out there splitting the stones, this is winter in Ireland after all, but the day is full of expectation and anticipation for 2015 🌻

2)  I’m sure I’m not the only person guilty of this…. I went into a bit of a cleaning frenzy.  It’s come to my notice that I actually spend very little time in my house and thus far have been able to remain blissfully unaware of how much clutter we have accumulated.  🆗 Cards on the table time, it’s not going to change, but I do think I need to address the situation.  So yesterday I tackled the fridges and the kitchen, there’s still the oven to do, but I forgot to slather it in bicarb again last night 😖 and next it’s the living room 🆘

3)  I wanted to start as I mean to go on and cook more, so I did, at least for the men folk as I wasn’t hungry and ended up wolfing down something later.

4)  My internet connection was horrendous, probably because of item 1 on this list or maybe there were other 👽  cosmic forces at work?

5)  I went to see The Hobbit 🎥 which I thoroughly enjoyed, regardless of how true to the book it was.  Pure entertainment, although I did shed a tear or two 😢

2014 was a pretty good one, yes there were a few moments of yuck there however, I woke up every morning so it can’t have been that bad and I laughed a lot, there is always room for improvement on that front though.

2014 was a busy year though as you can see from the photos.  We had our year long charity campaign Knit Happens (more info soon), knitted Shamrocks for Age Action, the first Yarn Shop Day and made crochet critters for The Craft Club’s Guinness World Record Yarnbomb attempt in aid of The Little Haven’s Hospice add to this our refurbishment, it’s no wonder I’ve felt a little overwhelmed at times.

Happily 😄 I’ve managed to knit loads and have been trying to perfect my crochet skills too.  I think my favourites this year have been my shawls of which there have been five, one of which was for a good friend.

I won’t bore you with the list, actually lets be honest, that would mean I’d have to have stuck to my original plan at the start of the year.  Ever the positive, I did manage to upload more items on Ravelry and I kept a knitting journal until the end of April and I also posted here 60 times  (pausing to bow).

Looking forward, all of the same things apply as before

🌻 More organised

🌻 More exercise

🌻 Eat better

🌻 Feed my brain more

🌻 Relax more

🌻 Enjoy life

🌻 Laugh as much as possible.

🌻 Need to knit more socks too  🌻

Could possibly be a mini New Years Resolution…. not a pair a month though, more like a pair every 2 months maybe?

Happy 2015 to you and yours.  May all you wish for yourself and more come true ✨

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World Wide Knit In Public

2014-06-21 15.32.54
Lets begin with Sadie and Martina ….

We had a fab day at the shop last Saturday for World Wide Knit In Public.  Lots of lovely people came out to support us, as did the sun (yes!).

2014-06-21 15.32.57
Camera, what camera? Clare, Edwina and Sue all looking very productive.


If you couldn’t make it I hope you were with us in spirit at least?

2014-06-21 15.33.12
Sue and Michelle deep in concentration, with Lucy trying her best to hide behind her beautiful blanket.

I managed to capture the odd photo or two of some of our woolly friends despite their protestations and as you can see there was tea, cake and laughter.  What more do you need?

Michelle and Deidre doing a great job of ignoring me.
Michelle and Deidre doing a great job of ignoring me.

Maybe that should be what don’t you need?

Breeda and Orela proving it's never too hot to knit
Breeda and Orela proving it’s never too hot to knit

Possibly a friend wielding a camera?

Orela and Fiona are having fun.
Orela and Fiona are having fun – no really they are.

Worse still someone you’ve only recently met.

It was Agnieszka's first time so lets hope she'll return.
It was Agnieszka’s first time so lets hope she’ll return.

But, if it’s going to happen you might as well accept it ….

2014-06-21 15.33.30
Shirley looking the happiest to be photographed.

If not you can get them back later 😉

We should have started with Dina and Sadie, but I needed to lull my daughter into a sense of false security before attempting any form of photography  ;-)
We should have started with Dina and Sadie, but I needed to lull my daughter into a sense of false security before attempting any form of photography.  Caught her on the way back round instead.

We never need an excuse to break out the hooks and needles in public if the sun is shining, maybe we’ll see a few more of you next time?

Happy Knitting!