Age Action ‘Made With Love’ Update

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As promised I wanted to let you all know that  I’ve heard back from Age Action and can fill in some of the gaps now.

The official launch of the campaign on is today at The Lepreachun Museum so Age Action hope to get more media and retail interest after it.

At present they are still working on retail outlets in Dublin, Cork and Galway as well as drumming up support so they can sell on the streets for St. Patrick’s Day.  Daragh the man that replied to my email didn’t give me a closing date so for us in the shop we’ll be sending off ours the in the first week in March.  The last day for leaving your shamrocks in the shop for us to send off is Saturday March 1st. 

 I made a boob in the previous post sorry, the target is 20000 shamrocks not 2000.  They’ll be sold  at €2 each and proceeds after print and postage costs go directly to their services, including Care and Repair, Getting Started and their Information and Advocacy service.

Above is my first shamrock which is in need of blocking.  It measures about 3.5″from the 1st to the 3rd leaf and it’ 2″ tall from the top of the leaf to where the stalk (which is 3″ long) begins.

Those of you that know me know I’m a straight talker, so therefore it seems only fair to tell you they’re a little fiddly to knit.  Having said that though it only took me about 30 minutes from start to finish and it takes the tinniest amount of double knit yarn.

Perhaps, you’ll only manage to get one shamrock knitted but every little helps after all.

Happy Knitting!


Whilst You’re Waiting

age action

As I mentioned in my previous post we’re in the process of getting our next charity campaign together but last Friday I received a letter from Age Action asking for our support for their St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock ‘Made With Love’ Campaign.  I was hoping some of you lovely people would take part in this campaign whilst your waiting on ours?

Age Action are encouraging knitting groups, shops and clubs from around the country to knit a shamrock which will then be sold in selected retail outlets in the run up to Monday 17th March.

They’ve set a target of 20,000 shamrocks which will be sold for €2 each.  I have written an email to Age Action to try and clarify how much of this €2 the charity will actually receive and I shall be sure to let you all know.

In the meantime the little shamrocks consist of three little hearts sewn together then you knit a little stem.


For some reason the pattern available here doesn’t have the instructions for the I-cord stem at the moment but I imagine it will be fixed soon.

Completed Shamrocks should be posted to Age Action at 30/31 Lower Camden Street, Dublin 2.  Alternatively, we’ll be collecting them in the shop to post off nearer the time.  At present there is no deadline mentioned on the literature from Age Action but I’ve asked in my email too.

I can’t imagine they’ll take that long to knit up and the amount of green yarn needed will be minimal and just 1 will make all the difference.

knitted shamrock_0

Happy Knitting!

It’s Back – The Big Knit That Is

Yes, it’s that time of year again and as loathed as I am to encourage you to become distracted from knitting for the Irish Premature Baby Charity, the hats are quick and fun to make.  Best of all Innocent give 25c to Age Action for every behatted bottle sold.  The campaign also runs in the UK and the funds raised go to Age UK there.  To be fair the ones pictured above probably aren’t the quickest to make, as lovely as they are.  It’s the basic little ones I’m on about:-

Basic Innocent Smoothie Hat Pattern

4mm needles and double knit yarn

Cast on 28 stitches

Work 2 rows of 1×1 rib (knit 1 stitch, purl 1 stitch)

Work 12 rows of stocking stitch

To decrease

K2tog to end (14sts)

P2tog to end (7sts)

Cut yarn leaving approx 20 cm tail.

Using a blunt ended needle pass the yarn through the remaining stitches and sew the hat up.

Hopefully, your little hat will measure approximately 5 – 7 cms along the bottom and be at least 5cms high.

Add a little pompom to the top

Basic Little Hat

If you fancy it you can of course make some fancy ones and even try for Innocents ‘Hat of the Week’, which means a picture of your hat gets put on the website.

At the moment there isn’t a pattern available on the website but there are pattern ideas everywhere.

Age UK has these from last year –

A Ravelry search produces all these lovely little versions, knitted and crochet –

Knit Today has a few animal versions –

Lottiotta on ravelry made 1 hat a day from October 15th 2009 for the 2010 Big Knit Campaign her blog  has some really nice little pattern ideas.  I like the Spirals Hat

The deadline for hats is 30th November this year and we’ll be aiming to send ours off about a fortnight before the deadline.

38 Hats to Start The Collection

These are ones that were dropped off a little late to us last year so we’ve already got 38.

The hats can be made in knit or crochet and absolutely any colours are acceptable – have some fun.

Happy Knitting!